Vaughn Rheostat Replacement


 Dancer Rheostat Replacement Assembly

for use with Solid State Field Control on a Vaughn Wire Drawing Machine

  • One piece assembly
  • High Reliability Non-contact sensor, magnetic
  • NEMA12 enclosure
  • Terminal strip wire termination
  • Powers from 24Vdc (18-30V) with 0-10V output
  • Comes with telescoping coupler that locks in place with one set screw, easy alignment
  • Sensor is IP65 rated, protection from dust

1. Housing – High-Grade, temperature resistant plastic

2. Shaft – Stainless steel

3. Bearing – Bronze sleeve bearing

4. 360 degree rotation, no stops

5. Temperature range – -40 to +85C

6. Life – >50 million mechanical cycles

7. Power connection – Reverse voltage protected

8. Signal Connection – Short circuit protected

 This system keeps the dust out of the potentiometer extending the life of the potentiometer. Replace your existing 2watt carbon potentiometers with this package to increase uptime and performance.

 We can also supply solid state drives to increase LB/HR. Our system runs to 90% speed or load, the best available.

 Quantity Discounts available                                                    $ 500.00 each